While exploring the dirt streets of Moshi, Tanzania, my group and I experienced so many warm people who showed us that living simple is the purest way to happiness. After a few days of exploring the village, we went seeking of the untouched wilderness in Africa.

We hopped in an old Toyota and left on a three-day safari where we experienced three unique wildlife reserves. We started our safari at Lake Manyara National Park, then went to Ngorongoro Crater, and lastly to Tarangire Preserve. It was a surreal feeling seeing the animals I have seen on TV in real life living how they do in the wild and protected from poachers.

My group and I learned from one of our guides on the safari was about some native routines. Since the land around these safari areas is protected, some folks from the Maasai Tribe have decided to monitor the streets for poachers and scout for tourists. There is commonly a boy and a girl; the girls wear red, and the boys wear blue traditional outfits. The two colors are supposed to ward off the wild animals so people won’t be harmed. 

-Jackson Buscher