It was our third day home in New Mexico and Jack and I were ready for more fun in the sun. We decided to help out our close friend and experienced biker, Henry by perfecting some dirt jumps he had been working on the previous summer. Alongside Henry was his dad Henry, our good friend Logan, and Jackson, who all helped out. Once the cold started tickling our noses, and the jumps were near done, it was time for Henry to put them to the test. Henry flew over the dirt mounds and showed stylish airs. Sadly, only after a couple of jumps the wind picked up and we had to call it quits in hope of returning for a better weather day.  

The next day we spent the morning in Chimayo, New Mexico climbing dirt towers. Jackson and I explored the land near my house that was full of dirt mesas and beautiful scenery. The best part is that the land is open for anyone to explore as long as you are kind and responsible. It was quiet, and we only could hear the wind as we thought of the people who might have been on this land before us and their shared experiences. 

Once our New Mexico segment of break ended at the end of December, we rushed back to British Columbia in hopes of beginning the New Year somewhere fun. We decided to head to Vancouver Island and drive to Tofino. We met up with our friends Kristen and Dakota in Nanaimo after getting off the ferry and headed for a three-hour drive to Tofino. The town is known as a world-class surf destination and for its excellent whale watching. We spent our New Years popping bottles and started the new year on a positive note. The next morning we woke up late and headed for the beaches. For lunch, we went to the famous Tacofino restaurant and enjoyed some delicious munchies. Later that day we headed home and stopped along the road to peer off into the amazing views provided by beautiful British Columbia.  

-Petra Zeiler