On a road trip this summer from Vancouver, BC to Santa Fe, NM, Jackson and I decided to check Oregon off our list of places we wanted to see and experience. Oregon provided us with wonderful views, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people. Our favorite stop was when we pitched our tent at Nehalem Bay and walked the reflective sands around Cannon Rock. We enjoyed watching the puffins and cormorants nesting on the rock with the nearby surfers in the background. The water was chilly, but that didn’t stop us from taking a dip. Once we finished hiking around the area, we came back to our campsite at Nehalem Bay.

Eager to see the sunset we walked up a short hill to sit on the beach and bask in the beauty in front of us. When it became dark, Jackson and I walked into the wet sand and to our surprise we became swarmed by sand fleas and sand crabs. Every step we took, they would fly out of their holes causing to make beautiful patterns as we walked. Although they were squeamish, these little creatures created beauty before our eyes and let us become curious about the little things in the world. 

-Petra Zeiler