Starting at the Cheakamus Lake trailhead located bellow the southern side of Whistler Mountain, my peers and I spent a period of six days hiking through Garibaldi Provincial Park ending on Brohm Ridge close to Squamish, BC. On the morning of the third day, we woke up on the banks of Garibaldi Lake. The temperature was below freezing with socked-in weather and freezing rain. The group decided to wait the storm out for the day since our next objective was to pass through the col just below Mount Price that at the time was engulfed in clouds. We spent the day studying mountain weather and were guided by our two ACMG certified guides. The stormy conditions created perfect conditions for condensation frost-covered windows in the shelter close to our camp spot. Luckily, the windows turned out to work as mock whiteboards for the guides to draw up visual representations of the weather formations.

Later that night the stormy conditions started to ease, and the clouds lifted enough that we could see the snow-lined lower half of the mountains that surrounded us. We couldn’t quite see the col that we were shooting for across the lake, but the rising barometric pressure was an indication that the weather was improving. The morning looked promising to make a move towards our next camp next to Shark Lake. In the morning, we found that a high-pressure system was moving into the area, and the weather continued to improve for the rest of our trip.

-Jackson Buscher